Daily Life (Day 1)

Instead of talking about my "ground breaking revelations" (things I finally realize) I think ill just start blogging everyonce and a while about my life because having one blog session every 2 weeks kinda bothers me..

So today while I was sitting in a cafe and casually drank my coffee and ate my scone with the utmost awkwardness, I read afew more pages of "The perks of being a Wallflower". It's a really good book and actually kinda inspires me to write more. But anyways I shifted in boredom as I switched from my book, to my bible, to my phone and soon back to my book..I guess I do have some ADD in me lol. I don't know why I like this cafe so much but I do. I drive down here, order a white mocha and a scone if I'm feeling daring and then I go and sit on the same brown leather sofa I always sit on. Today I was actually brave enough to bring my bible in here :) I love the people here as well, their all so friendly and I think I even heard some older women talking about church.

I think another reason I like coming here (besides the ambiance) is because this is where I can get some deliberate alone time. I mean I'm always physically alone which- truth be told does get to me sometimes.. but I mean its a place where theirs a back ground noise of people talking and of espresso machines but yet people arnt rowdy and their polite and I can read or blog in a mildly loudish peace .

I have to work later which I'm not super happy about because I'm going to miss watching fireworks with my youth group but oh well I guess. plus me and Becca started a 7 day challenge thing to help us stop self harming, in short its where you draw a hash tag on the place you normally self harm and write a "C" (ut cake) next to it. and every day you go without hurting yourself you add another letter. and by day 7 your arm or leg or where ever shut say #CutCake (short for #CutCakeNotWrists charity) and then you go out and you treat yourself, you go out and you do something you really like and give yourself a pat on the back for ajob well done :)

Well I'm gonna get back to my drinking coffee and eating so ill blog to you guys later :)

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