Dont wake me

"Went to bed I was thinking about you, aint the same living without you, all our memories are getting colder, allthe things that i wanna do over. went to bed I was thinging about you, i wanna talk and laugh like we used to, when I see you in my dreams at night, Itsso real but its in my mind. So now I guess this is as real as it gets. So dont wake me, cause i dont wanna leave this dream, dont wanke me, cause i never seem to sleep enough when its you im dreaming of, I dont wanna wake up.

I went to bed thinking about you, how I felt when i finally found you, its like a movie playing over in my head, dont wanna look cause i know how it ends. ALl the words i said that i wouldnt say, all the promises i made and wouldnt break, this last call last song last dance cause i cant get you back and i cant get a second chance."


This song is Dont Wake Me by Skillet. I just cant hardly breathe cause shes gone and i mean, all I wanna ask is for her to tell me that she loves me. Even if she has to lie cause im desperate.. I cant do thiis all alone, I know that Jesus loves me but its just.. really nice to physically hear it. DAMN I hate night time cause I think way too much.. I miss sleeping in her arms and her smell and her heart beat. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO US? THis song pretty much matches my life right now cause every night i dream of her and every morning it kills cause i have to come back to reality where shes not mine.. shes his and I probably never cross her mind.

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