How To Train Your Dragon

Yes, we all know - This film is beautiful! But next time you watch it, pay acute detail to the music, the vibe, the feeling in your heart! It may be an animated film, but animated films are the best kind of films!


We fall in love with the characters: Toothless and Hiccup. Personally, If I had a best friend like Hiccup, it'd be brilliant! Also, I wouldn't mind a pet dragon, perferably a 'Night Fury', but I'll take my chances with a 'Terrible terror' - Such little cuties (;


Right now I'm listening to the soundtrack: Some particular favourites are 'Test Drive', 'Not so Firepoof', 'Astrid Goes For A Spin', 'Romantic Flight', 'dragon's de....' Oh come on! How can I have particualar 'favourites'? They're all breath-taking!


Let just leave you a link here to the entire soundtrack... Enjoy!


The music is beautiful, it's composed by a brilliant guy named 'John Powell', heard of him? No? Well, now you have - give it a listen?


Each song reflects each scene perfectly, its so stunning! Close your eyes, sway, smile, spread your arms out and you're flying! This score is phenominal!


Wow, my mind has now gone blank - what an awesome time for it to do that...


I realise this hasn't been a very good post, but you will find a new love when you listen to this score or see the film (if you haven't already)!



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