I dont really know them..

It seems like everytime I bring my neighbor to the doctors I always write a blog post. I find it kind of humorous.

Two nights ago when I went into my youth group I saw a group of the guys walking through the parking lot and since I don't have a horn on my car I popped it into neutral and reved my engine. Since my cars muffler is broken its rather loud and hard to ignor so it replaces my lacking car horn.

But anyways- the guys were walking around passing out flyers forbthe VBS that is suppose to happen next week for the neighborhood young'ns and in my totally awkward fashion, I tagged along. The girls had split into a group too and were on a diffrent side of town passing out flyers as well.

I'm glad that I got to go with the guys to be honest because I never really get to talk with them or see them serve, it was great to see the younger guys of Thrive serve without being reserved about working with and being teamed up with a girl (their really awesome about that. I love them :)). Plus it was a good time to talk to Will- one of the leaders. Believe me, its a big step for me to get so comfortable around guys.


We're now back at the church and intermingling with the rest of Thive. For the first time since..ever- I got to talk to Skyla, like really talk to her. We hit a kinda painful topic when she started talking about how she feels like she dosn't fit in or how people automatically assume that they know her just because they know her sister. The reason I say painful is because of how she started tearing up while she talked about it..

Talking to her really made me realize how easy it is to ask the generic 'hey, how are you. That's good. How was your week? Mine was good. Okay, bye!' 
It also reminded me about how we only know the girls and guys in our small groups, but not so much the other people in thrive. I struggle with being honest with people so much do this is really challenging..plus I'm socially awkward so I get insanely nervous when I think about hanging out with one of them..

So that is my challenge for this week. Trying to spend more time getting to know the girls and hopefully the guys at Youth Group. Because these Guys are suppose to be my commrads in the war raging in our hearts, their suppose to be my friends and my family im Christ. We're suppose to be able to walk into the annex and be able to just open up and find encouragement and comfort from the Love we have for each other through Jesus. But we dont..we're all uptight and act as though we have to pretend that we're strong and that we have it all together but we dont. Everyone knows that everyones Got problems but yet we stuggle to be honest to one another.

So yea..thats what Ive been challenged with this week.

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