Into a family of conquerors.

I know she's going to read this but yea, ill try to be honest.


I guess not a lot has happened since the last time I blogged. I had  test at drivers ed and got a C- and I've been staying at my friends house.  Um.. I don't know what else to write.. I don't know if ill be buying a car or if ill just save my money and look around. Also ya..diffrent stuff..

I also found out that I'm just plain susceptible to addiction and alcoholism cause of my genetics. That explains slots I guess.. But even though addiction is in my blood, so is conquering. I am already a conqueror. Not only has my biological father beaten alcoholism but my Savior has beaten these sins. He took he sins of he world on his shoulders when they hung him on the cross. But sin could not hold Him down, He conquered sin and death, enduring the pain and punishment reserved for me. 

Addiction may be in my blood, but I'm also from a family of conquerors, weather born into the blood or adopted by it. I am a conqueror.

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