Made for greatness (part 2)

Sorry for the interuption earlier. SO yea like I was saying, we are all built for greatness and I want my story (Lord willing.) to be an awesome testimony that is obviously so insane and crazy that it paints a massive arrow pointing to God, and not me. SO on my bucket like of 2015, I have 

1. Bullriding.
2. MMA (possibly)
3. Road Trip
4.Playing for the first time ever infront of a crowd at my first show with my band.
5. Start my 3rd buisness in partnership with Swede Point Creamery.
6. My second tattoo.
7.Go back to the airforce recruiter and see if i can join.

So yea, here is my list so far. I might link up my sound cloud to this account so ya'll can hear our demos and I might start up my youtube blog again so if i do ill like these accounts so you can all see it and the crazy things I see and do. 

something that ive really been struggling with this morning though is with one of my best friends. He has been really wrapped up in his relationship and I really need to talk to him but his controling bitch wont let him talk to me.. so im really strugging with some serperation anxiety because (back story) Ive had alot of issues in the past with males and i mean, I could go to his house crying and he would try his damnedest to comfort me and I could tell him anything so for all of this to happen and him to NOT talk to me has kind of shook up my world. 

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