My new hobby

I figured out what I wanna do this summer, to help keep me busy and help keep me in shape im gonna start longboarding (mostly because im tired of my crappy skateboard lol). With the new bike trail (The High Tresle trail) near my house it'd be perfect for not only getting to and from town (save the gas in my car lol) and for overnight boarding trips so I can push my limits and my fears abit :) 


I thought about doing food porn and getting into photography (Pardon my bad spelling) but a camera is WAY to expensive for a part time subway worker when I can just use my phone and do alittle creative work with the lighting. I really need to just keep busy and stuff.. otherwise I over think and start really missing Bek and our house..and dog..and kissing, back on topic.


So ya, im thinking about trying out a Sector 9 cruiser or pintail depending on what i can afford haha :)


Talk to ya'll later <3


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