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I Think we all have that one person that is just able to melt all of our resistance. They give you that look and do that voice and all of a sudden you're waking up undressed next to her. I wanna keep yesterday night and yesterday still alive but..I don't think it would be a prudent move. I guess I just have to learn to stop melting from her "That" voice and learn to have a rock solid resolve hat we cant talk ore than an hour or so on the phone because after that things start going back to..normal.

Don't you just hate scary commercials that make it so hat you can't walk down to the basement and you don't want to be alone? I know thats what the movies are suppose to do but honestly..for someone who really gets freaked out and has to stay alone for hours at  time in a house. They don't make a fun night..:/ oh well, you live and learn I guess.




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