Ripping me away

Sorry I havnt posted in awhile, thoughts kept crashing on me so I couldnt log in. alot has changed though since I have. I got back together with my ex- she kept pressuring me into it and when she left me she was pressuring me to come out to my family about being gay- but she wasnt wanting me to come out for my own enlightenment or for my own benifit. She didnt understand the politics and policies of my family- all that she understood was her ownselfishness, thats whatit was. She said that she felt like a dirty little secrete because I respected my mom enough to not show it around her (my mom, and because my mom dosnt agree with it but she never yelled at me about being gay or anything, she just said that she didnt want to see it.) It was easy enough, we only went to my house like twice a month anyways. Saffron didnt understand. She still dosnt. 

I dont know what has gotten into her now but the issue at hand now is that I spend too much time HELPING ON THE FAMILY FARM. She says their controlling me, I also dont spend enough time around her either she says even though I go to work and then come back to her house.. for DAYS at a time. I just dont know what to do, not talking to my friends was bad enough because "she didnt like them," but this thing with my family has really startled me.. Like where did this come from? Why are you ripping me away from them?



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  1. chrome123

    This sounds terrifying, I would suggest planning a dinner.

    October 08, 2015